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How to Plan Your Own Virtual Wedding

Your free guide to planning your own virtual wedding is linked below.

When the pandemic became a reality for all of us in Detroit, a lot changed. Suddenly, the weddings we had been working on for months started asking the question “if not now, when?” I began walking the tight rope of postponement and cancellations and blindly addressing these conversations with my couples. After all, this is not a norm for industry professionals either.

In a webinar, the speaker made a joke about hosting the famous Detroit Gets Married on Zoom. Fatima of Studio Terrain and I then started brainstorming. That passive comment got us thinking, “why don’t we show people how they can host their wedding virtually. “

By the end of the week, we had put together an amazing team of local vendors and found a way for a couple to be married in their home without compromising their vision. This style shoot was designed with the sole purpose of showing couples how they can make the most of this change.

There is no reason you can’t still enjoy your signature cocktails with your guests or dance to your song in front of friends and family. With today’s technology there are so many ways to share your favorite part of your wedding with your guests.

Fatima was able to setup the ceremony in her home and I was able to setup the reception in mine. Annie & Bryan were able to host the wedding in their own home, and, with the help of Zoom, we were able to display the backgrounds on their own TV.

Each detail was well planned so as to ensure we were respecting the “Stay Home, Stay Safe”order. I did a contactless pick up for florals from Studio Terrain and porch delivery for the bride and groom to setup their own little reception table.

Annie & Bryan used their camera and trusty self-timer to capture their own images and together with the help of Google Drive, we were able to pull off this wedding shoot.

With short notice, Annie & Bryan were able to mail an update to all of their guests. Keagan Coop, the amazing graphic designer at 24 Maple, was able to put together a postponement suite that matched their original suite. Guests were able to tune into their Spotify playlist, login on Zoom, and craft their own cocktails

Fatima took the time to create a bridal bouquet and boutonniere for Annie & Bryan which I delivered along with a few candles to their porch the day prior. Unfortunately, Annie’s dress was still with the seamstress so instead, she wore the dress she purchased from BHLDN for her rehearsal dinner.

For dinner, Annie & Bryan ordered the takeout from their favorite pizza shop, Michigan & Trumbull. Rather than getting a full wedding cake, they chose their favorite bite size dessert, macarons from Le Detroit Macaron.

At the end of the day, the most important thing was that Annie & Bryan said “I do,” and they were able to from the comfort of their own home. This moment they shared was more special than they could have imagined because they got to cherish each second of it. When you get married at home, there is no rush to the next activity and no pressure to greet every guest. You get to the time to be present in that very special moment you just shared.

I just want to take a moment to thank those who made this happen:

PDF Guide: Courtney Bialek, Ramble & Roam Travel

Floral: Fatima Bazzi-Fawaz, Studio Terrain

Models: Beatrice & Eli Wolnerman, Bea's Detroit

Stationery: Keagan Coop, 24 Maple

Dinner: Kristen Calverley, Michigan & Trumbull

Macarons: Isabelle Elwart, Le Detroit Macaron

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