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Wedding Planning MAYhem: Part I

When I have a lot on my plate, sometimes it is hard for me to pick where to start. I look at the problem, immediately become overwhelmed by the amount of tasks at hand and shut down. I, then, call my mom, (cry a little bit), and make a list to break it all down one task at a time.

I can’t tell you the number of times I FaceTimed my mom between the time I started packing up my apartment in New York City and the time we finally fully settled into the condo. Each time, just overwhelmed and overcome by silly emotion that comes with it.

Planning a wedding is overwhelming, too, and I am sure you have probably called your parents many a time already, but it helps to break it down, task by task. But where to start? That’s what we are here for. The month of May will help breakdown the mayhem of wedding planning with four simple tasks to get the process started.

First and foremost, the most important thing to figure out are your priorities. If you are like me you have dreamed about this special day for years and years and you want it all. Or maybe your the total opposite and never really gave it a thought. You have no idea what that dream day looks like.

More and more, couples are becoming more concerned about creating an experience that embodies them, reflects their personalities and creates an experience for their guests that is unlike any wedding they have ever attended. How so? They figure out what matters most.

This is where we break it down, whether you have been manifesting a wedding day vision since you were a tot or you have never thought about it before, you still have some things that matter more to you than others.

Are you and your fiance super foodies? Do you two love finding new spots for great, local live music? What do your weekends look like? Are you outdoors adventuring or inside appreciating the arts? First, take a look at your relationship style, your favorite memories, your religious views and family traditions.

Now we make a list. There are a few key elements every wedding has: venue, entertainment, food, and decor. Each of these key elements can be broken down even further and that’s how we start the list. Grab a piece of paper, start a Word document, or open the Notes on your phone and start listing the things you want at your wedding under each of these categories.

For example, you may know you want two wedding dresses, a swing band, a white dance floor, an abundance of floral. And your significant other knows he or she wants great food, a fun getaway car, an open air venue and all of his or her cousins in attendance. You may want fun specialty cocktails, specific late night snacks, or heck, even a tequila donkey. Who knows?! But take the time to sit down and get all of your ideas on paper. Do you want to hire a planner to help take care of it for you or are you ready to take the reigns? If you know there is something that is very important to your parents, family or friends that you want to honor, write that down too.

Once you have all of those items listed, it’s time to start comparing. If you had to give up one of the two, having two wedding dresses and a swing band, which would you compromise on. As you do this, you will see where each of these line items ranks. Now funnel that list of everything into a new list, ranking from the most important to the least important and keep this list close by. This list will be your justification for all of your upcoming wedding decisions.

And now? Step 1? Done.

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