• Connar McLeod

Why did I choose 24 Maple?

I fell in love with weddings at a very young age. Honestly, it was before I can even remember. My older sister dressed up as a bride for Halloween one year and that handmade costume took my sisters and I through our entire childhood.

This love was sparked by one movie, released before I was born. The house you see in my logo, the quote you see on my home page, comes from a source of inspiration since I was just a little tike.

Father of the Bride.

I was the kid who crawled into the car and was quoting George Banks, reminding everyone, “don’t forget to fasten your condoms… SEAT BELTS… I mean seat belts..” I was the little girl who, when having a bad day, was “going through menopause” like Nina Banks thought she was in the sequel. Our family can’t buy a pack of hot dogs without quoting George’s scene at the supermarket and my sister’s husband, even proposed with a blender.... Because what is this “1950 and you give the little wife a blender?”

Needless to say, this movie is rooted deep within me and little did I know my love for this movie and my passion for weddings would soon, one day, become my career. When I decided to make the switch in college from studying kinesiology to study hospitality business and focus on event planning and management, it suddenly felt like it all just fell into place.

For me, when I made that switch in my studies, it was no longer a question of if I would open my own event planning and design firm. It quickly became a question of when.

Three wedding planning internships, a career in New York City, a full-time event position here in Detroit, and over 50 weddings later, I am so excited to be launching my own wedding planning firm here in the mitten. This has been my dream for a long time now and I am so excited to share this dream with you all.

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